Solution from XMusicStation

Copyright music library
A huge copyright music library with millions of records that is always up to date, in line with the trends and tastes of customers.
Sync management
Manage music playback system-wide and on unlimited locations. Play music offline even without an internet connection.
Ability to create new or selective playlists aggregated for each brand, business model.
Report and analyze data on customer needs and tastes, helping business units optimize.
What is XMusicStation?
XMusicStation is a music playback solution to play high quality copyrighted music for business units such as restaurants, coffee chains, supermarkets, hotels.

Sync music playback management

XMusicStation's management tool allows customers to schedule, arrange music playback time and advertising uniformly or separately between branches, thereby helping to increase brand awareness. Easy-to-use drag-and-drop system that plays music even without internet.

Music associated with your brand

XMusicStation customers always receive support from a professional editorial team, as well as access to a list of thousands of unique playlists created specifically for each brand, business model. In addition, creating playlists by yourself from the music library or based on the user's favorites also becomes very easy with the smart recommendation system.
Favorite songs
TOP US-UK songs
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